=T$ECore= SuspectW 2012. dec. 15. @ de. 8:18
Multiplayer achivements
Someone want get multiplayer achivements like me? Just add me and we both help each other. I'm need all except Crushed! achivement. Better 2 man to did 2 man - 1 gun achivement too.
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white beast of wotan 2012. dec. 15. @ du. 2:59 
sup dude, I'd love to help. I think my achievments are disabled though, it says its because I "opened the console" do you know of any fix?
=T$ECore= SuspectW 2012. dec. 15. @ du. 10:02 
Sorry dude, I'm don't know this problem. Why u think what ur achivements disabled? U tryed do some easy achive like found secret area in DOOM II or complete any Ultimate DOOM lvl on Nightmare?
Atelier 2012. dec. 16. @ de. 6:09 
if you can wait until the christmas deals on steam which usually start around the 20th i will pick this game up and would be happy to help
Phei 2013. máj. 20. @ de. 7:48 
I want to do these multiplayer achievements too.
Is there someone yet who would be in with me? :)
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Phei; 2013. máj. 20. @ de. 7:49
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