Jackerz59 2012년 12월 4일 오후 11시 29분
Uncensoring This Game
I belive its possible but is there a way to do it easily
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calpol 2012년 12월 5일 오전 2시 43분 
There's no real thing to uncensor in this game that was drastically changed
Jackerz59 2012년 12월 5일 오전 3시 42분 
I've got the original WAD and I know it wasn't drasticly changed but the thing is you don't change a classic, witch makes me wonder why they renamed and changed the levels and got rid of the wolfienstien things, it would've been easier for them to remove the levels all up, but then again why do they do all that in the first place, they even made nightmare mode monsters slower and don't tell me it's because of the consoles cause are you telling me that a PC in 1993 could handle it but a bloody PS3 or XBOX 360 can't or the newer PC's can't
shadow1w2 2012년 12월 5일 오전 4시 34분 
So they did make Nightmare mode easier!
I was wondering why I was breezing through it so well.
Might explain why it doesn't have that warning anymore. "Warning this mode isn't even remotely fair"
Oh how I miss that.
HeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 2012년 12월 5일 오후 6시 09분 
I haven't tried it myself, but you can probably use an iwad converter to revert DOOM2.WAD back to its DOS version and use that. The levels and health pickups will be just like they were in 1994.
Jackerz59 2012년 12월 5일 오후 8시 50분 
Does the iwad converter keepy everything from both wads that isnt in the one your converting to or is it just a changer cause then I may as well replace the wads
Jackerz59 2012년 12월 5일 오후 8시 51분 
I can replace the WADS with the orignal ones I have, but then my BFG crashes when I go to cancel DOOM and DOOM 2 which is cause the original wads dont have that do you accept, cancel or change game screen
Cute Little Girl 2012년 12월 7일 오전 4시 07분 
is there a reason to remove the censor? it's not like anything was drastically changed.
Jackerz59 2012년 12월 7일 오전 4시 09분 
its called why not
HeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 2012년 12월 7일 오전 4시 19분 
You're right, I forgot that they modified the BFG version to use a new exit screen that relies on new graphics only found in the newer version of doom2.wad. Is it still possible? Yes, but not easily without hacking apart the two versions of the wad and adding the old graphics back into the newer version.
Kuehnau 2012년 12월 10일 오전 1시 52분 
I'm sure there is someone with no life and too much time on their hands working on modified versions of the wads that are uncensored.
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