DOOM 3: BFG Edition
Doom 3 bfg fix
Ok so i have a fix that will work for most of the ppl out there. If you have a nvidia card you must make sure of two things to get them game the game working correctly. One download a program called nvidia inspector and go into options make sure that extension limet is turned off...if its turned on the game will give you that unable to initialize error that almost everyone on planet earth is getting. Now here is the second thing to make the game work 100% perfect..if your like me I use MSI after burner..I was always monitoring my temp and stuff in the options by chance I noticed that if you stop monitoring those things doom 1 and doom 2 will work 100% perfect..dont know why but as soon as I stopped monitoring temp and stuff thoses games work perfect now. So give it a try you will quicky see that both tricks work for nvidia users..ppl with radon ati cards dont know so sorry I cant help you.