CtrlAltDestroy 2013 年 04 月 16 日 @ 下午 7 時 53 分
"Achievements have been disabled" -- Anyone else getting this?
I'm getting a very annoying issue where I'll just be playing along and suddenly a message will pop up saying something about achievements being disabled for this game because the console has been enabled.

I have no idea how to enable the console, and I have no interest in it. For a while, I was wondering if there was some key combination I was pressing by accident. But then, it happened at the very end of the Lost Mission ending cutscene before the credits, where I hadn't even been pushing any keys at all.

This is really annoying. I'm getting tired of resetting the game just so that achievements unlock properly. I wonder what's wrong.
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╙Mλgíċaℓ Ήøﻇσ╜ 2013 年 04 月 18 日 @ 下午 6 時 29 分 
i would try google my friend
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