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JamMasterB 2013年4月11日 12時08分
DL Doom 1/2 only?
I bought Doom 3: BFG Edition. Can I download and play just Doom 1 or 2 without downloading the entire 3.4 gigs?
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CtrlAltDestroy 2013年4月11日 12時45分 
No. You access the classic games from inside of the main game.
JamMasterB 2013年4月11日 14時19分 
That's too bad. I guess no classic Doom at work for me then
♫♪♬CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE♫♪♬ 2013年4月15日 22時02分 
Just get doom.wad and doom2.wad onto a memory stick and use a source port
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