DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

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bagone 2013년 10월 22일 오후 6시 24분
Resurrection of Evil
Where do I find this game in the Campaign link ?

I only see options for Doom 3, nothing related to RoE.

Is there something I'm missing ??

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bagone 2013년 10월 22일 오후 7시 25분 
Ok looking a little further into this it appears you can only play one game at a time ?

When I clicked on "Load Game" in the Campaign screen I got a message that all progress would be lost in current game. When I clocked OK then I saw the load screen with all 3 games listed.

So am I right in assuming that you can only play one game at a time ?

Flapjaw 2013년 10월 22일 오후 8시 50분 
I've yet to play RoE, but that may be the case. I am skeptical of this, however, since you can have multiple save files at once. I don't see why you would only be able to play one campaign at a time.
motorsep 2013년 10월 22일 오후 8시 57분 
I didn't think such question would ever be asked :/
bagone 2013년 10월 22일 오후 11시 44분 
Thanks for the video link. What you show is exactly what happens to me.

I see from the video that you also get the message "You will lose current progress".

So I'm assuming that if you "Accept" then your progress from , for example Doom 3, will be lost if you opt to play RoE ?

I'm wondering if I should "Delete Local Content" and download the game again.

Perhaps the initial download had a hiccup

Thanks for your replies by the way

bagone님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 10월 22일 오후 11시 48분
bagone 2013년 10월 22일 오후 11시 56분 

If you go to "Load Game" all the save games are there from both Doom 3 and RoE

Doh !!

Flapjaw 2013년 10월 24일 오후 7시 08분 
The only thing that "losing progress" does is cause autosaves to be overwritten. Just keeping lot's of manual saves will work. Since my previous comment I've played RoE and so now know for certain what I suspected.
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