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Batguerra 19 gen 2014, ore 18:34
Doom 3 Opinion
Id Software really put some effort in making Doom 3 look more like a "Modern Shooter", which means more ammo, new graphical effects and even put some scary and dark thing to it, but the point is, Doom 3 has no freedom like you had in Doom and Doom 2 and Wolfenstein 3D. In the classic Doom waht you had to do was escaping the base from UAC and go back to earth, although simple, it worked well, but now looking at Doom 3 beside showing you objectives which means the game tell you waht to do, the game map desing is dark for one purpose, poor map design, but with it's good graphics that passed away from the fans. THe good thing is that at least they didn't put a health regen system, so the game looks more "real" and challenging, but overall I'd give Doom 3 a 8,5.
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47 20 gen 2014, ore 20:36 
Because Doom 1 didn't look anything like a mars base.
Doom 3 captured a more realistic depiction of a base, and what it would look like after it's been compromised by satan. Doom 1 was graphic in the sense of violence, but doom 3 is graphic in the sense that the deeper you go into the base, the closer to hell you actually feel you are. The pristine corridors of mars city heavily contrast the alpha labs and enpro facility. You go from blood on the walls and simple zombies and zsec to facing the more powerful creatures of hell, originating from the delta labs. It makes perfect sense that the further the hero goes, the more hectic everything becomes. Every nook and cranny of the base used for storage quickly becomes repurposed for the minions of hell and you can see that with the secrets you come across. I'm not saying the map design is great but they really made the facility more lifelike than ever before and it shows.
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