Napoleon Bonaparte May 20 @ 12:49pm
You can get soft shadows now!
Thanks to the release of the source code soft shadows have been implemented as well as having Linux and 64 bit support.
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[TFU]geko95g May 20 @ 1:17pm 
looks really good!
MrMuffinz May 20 @ 1:17pm 
Does this release work with Windows aswell?
Napoleon Bonaparte May 20 @ 4:09pm 
Yes I have been playing it with Windows 7.
Q812 May 20 @ 8:48pm 
Thanks so much
Napoleon Bonaparte May 20 @ 10:15pm 
I'm glad that this game is getting modded.
Solarstrike May 21 @ 1:30am 
Is this only for ATI cards? Looks very cool
Napoleon Bonaparte May 21 @ 9:22am 
No it works with Nvidia as well. That's what I have.
mahon007 May 21 @ 4:15pm 
RockySpectrum May 22 @ 9:30am 
It seems like the achievements are disabled when you play the game using RBDoom3BFG.exe
Napoleon Bonaparte May 22 @ 10:27am 
It doesn't use steam actually.
MrMuffinz May 22 @ 3:30pm 
Oi, i'm just going to keep with normal BFG.

The port itself is a big performance hit, even though the code is *cleaned up*.

I'll wait a little while for them to clean up performance a bit more (looks like they were having FPS issues initially).
Napoleon Bonaparte May 22 @ 3:39pm 
If you check regularly you can see that they make code changes regularly. I can't wait to see the full potential of this engine!
RockySpectrum May 23 @ 6:51am 
Originally posted by Gaius Julius Caesar:
It doesn't use steam actually.
So I have to make my choice: either soft shadows or achievements, right?
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 8:18am 
True, it also wont load any games you played on original Doom 3 BFG
RockySpectrum May 25 @ 8:12am 
Actually, you CAN use your saves from original Doom 3 BFG: you just copy the savegame folder from "DOOM 3 BFG - base" to "RBDOOM 3 BFG - base".
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