Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日上午10:21
Game Crash
I've got the Doom 3BFG edition and the game works fine so far up until I reach the Alpha Labs 2 area and press "Y" on the security cameras terminal. Hope this isn't a unique problem and you all have a fix for this. Thanks.
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Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日上午11:06 
Do you have an AMD card?
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日下午12:50 
Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日下午1:17 download this, extract it, and put it in the doom 3 bfg folder in the steam common app folder. ATI based cards hence Radeons have issues without it being there.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日下午2:08 
Thanks! Just extracted it. Gonna go see the results.
Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日下午2:09 
No problem.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日下午2:17 
Well it didn't quite work. I got a error998 code when I try to load the game from steam. Then I removed the file and it worked, but still crashes at the security camera terminal. :(
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日下午2:19 
This is what it exactly says: "LoadLibrary failed with error 998: Invalid access to memory location."
Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日下午2:22 
Try putting it back in the doom 3 bfg folder, and then in the library[steam's] right click on the doom 3 bfg, and then click "Verify integrity of game cache" might be under the properties.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日下午2:23 
Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日下午2:26 
If that doesn't work try this earlier version of the .dll this is technically the more implied one to use.
motorsep 2014年5月15日下午5:39 
BS... New AMD drivers fix this issue.
Dian Wei (已封禁) 2014年5月15日下午5:48 
引用自 motorsep
BS... New AMD drivers fix this issue.
It can be both. The new AMD drivers alone don't fix it. I and many others who did update also had to do this.
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