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Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 10時21分
Game Crash
I've got the Doom 3BFG edition and the game works fine so far up until I reach the Alpha Labs 2 area and press "Y" on the security cameras terminal. Hope this isn't a unique problem and you all have a fix for this. Thanks.
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Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 11時06分 
Do you have an AMD card?
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 12時50分 
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 13時17分 download this, extract it, and put it in the doom 3 bfg folder in the steam common app folder. ATI based cards hence Radeons have issues without it being there.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 14時08分 
Thanks! Just extracted it. Gonna go see the results.
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 14時09分 
No problem.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 14時17分 
Well it didn't quite work. I got a error998 code when I try to load the game from steam. Then I removed the file and it worked, but still crashes at the security camera terminal. :(
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 14時19分 
This is what it exactly says: "LoadLibrary failed with error 998: Invalid access to memory location."
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 14時22分 
Try putting it back in the doom 3 bfg folder, and then in the library[steam's] right click on the doom 3 bfg, and then click "Verify integrity of game cache" might be under the properties.
Cobra_Kai 2014年5月15日 14時23分 
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 14時26分 
If that doesn't work try this earlier version of the .dll this is technically the more implied one to use.
motorsep 2014年5月15日 17時39分 
BS... New AMD drivers fix this issue.
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2014年5月15日 17時48分 
motorsep の投稿を引用:
BS... New AMD drivers fix this issue.
It can be both. The new AMD drivers alone don't fix it. I and many others who did update also had to do this.
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