TheRetrodude May 13 @ 9:05am
Fonts and GUI are scrambled after save and transition to next area
Title says it all. The numbers and objects in the game's GUI interface get mucked up randomly when saving between areas. This includes the pause menu options and such. Any idea how to keep this from happening?
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Satan May 13 @ 9:16am 
I've never even heard of this happening.
geko95gek May 13 @ 2:25pm 
not happening here at all, have you got Vsync turned on?
TheRetrodude May 13 @ 4:02pm 
Took a screenshot. It's almost as if the text is getting corrupted or something.
geko95gek May 13 @ 4:51pm 
Wow thats so weird, never seen that before!! :(

Can you try changing the resolution? Also try running with DX10, and in Windowed mode. See if it makes any difference...
TheRetrodude May 17 @ 8:18pm 
I've played the game a bit more now, and updating my graphics card drivers seems to have done the trick. Shame this game has apparently had issues on AMD cards, but those seem to have been alleviated with the latest drivers.
geko95gek May 23 @ 9:38am 
No idea bout any issues mate, I've got AMD 8970M 4GB running on Catalyst Beta 14.3 drivers and not had problems. Apart from the screen tearing that everyone talks about, anyways that went away after I enabled Vsync.
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