Justinian 2014年5月10日下午2:35
Is it possible to use Trent Reznor's sound mod?
Anybody that used the mod nows that sounds are much superior to the vanilla ones.
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Budgie 2014年5月10日下午2:37 
if you have original doom 3 you can mod, if you have doom 3 bfg you cant mod.
Justinian 2014年5月10日下午2:38 
Really? They released the source code and all that!
Budgie 2014年5月10日下午2:41 
as far as I know after googling lots, bfg cant be modded, if you find something different let me know :D
Justinian 2014年5月10日下午2:41 
I'll try and see if I can do it myself.
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