Tuscan Chicken 2014年3月17日上午11:18
Multiplayer Achievements
As the title suggests, I need help with the multiplayer achievements...
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DogMeat 2014年3月17日下午1:34 
Feel free to add me if you need some help. The only achievement I need help with is the "2 Deaths 1 Gun" achievement (Get two kills with 1 rocket) for which we'd need at least 1 more player. That said I'd be happy to help with any you need.
hailjake 2014年3月17日下午10:12 
Likewise, id be down to snag up those achievements
gaebb3r 2014年9月14日下午2:39 
I also need a bit of help... Also for me, "2 Deaths 1 Gun" is the last remaining achievement.
But as the Multiplayer seems to be dead, I need to have two more players that support me.

Thanks a lot!
Thelastwarrior (eating bread) 2014年9月15日下午3:21 
i need one more player for this last multiplayer achivement i need but no one wants to help..
GMS_TSGK 2014年9月15日下午5:16 
Hello, ill add you. im just missing the multiplayer achievements now.
Gregar 2014年9月16日上午3:11 
people who need to achivements, can add me freely
gaebb3r 2014年9月17日下午3:42 
Okay guys, I've added you all. As I live in Germany, best time would be 10 pm CET
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正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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