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Multiplayer Achievements
As the title suggests, I need help with the multiplayer achievements...
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Feel free to add me if you need some help. The only achievement I need help with is the "2 Deaths 1 Gun" achievement (Get two kills with 1 rocket) for which we'd need at least 1 more player. That said I'd be happy to help with any you need.
Likewise, id be down to snag up those achievements
I also need a bit of help... Also for me, "2 Deaths 1 Gun" is the last remaining achievement.
But as the Multiplayer seems to be dead, I need to have two more players that support me.

Thanks a lot!
i need one more player for this last multiplayer achivement i need but no one wants to help..
Hello, ill add you. im just missing the multiplayer achievements now.
people who need to achivements, can add me freely
Okay guys, I've added you all. As I live in Germany, best time would be 10 pm CET
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Показано 17 из 7 комментариев
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