TamponSoup™ 2014年3月17日上午4:33
Doom 3 bfg won't even start?
Bought doom 3 bfg and it when i open it my mouse just has a loading thingy, then nothen happens...? Plz help me
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Luke Ainsworth (已封禁) 2014年3月17日上午4:41 
Specs, computer, and laptop or desktop would help.
TamponSoup™ 2014年3月17日上午4:46 
Toshiba laptop
Amd C-60 apu with radoen hd graphics x2
2gb ram
Amd Radoen HD 6290 1gb?
i think i did it right
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motorsep 2014年3月18日下午8:14 
TamponSoup™ 2014年3月18日下午8:17 
引用自 motorsep
TamponSoup™ 2014年3月18日下午8:19 
ive updated all my graphics n proccessors, I guess my computer is realy poop, Another question is it worth buying an alienware 14x laptop?
motorsep 2014年3月18日下午8:22 
Amd Radoen HD 6290 1gb is plenty for Doom 3 BFG. Are you on Win XP ? If so, BFG will never work because AMD dropped supporting Win XP long time ago.
TamponSoup™ 2014年3月29日上午5:04 
no im windows 7, my specs shud run the dam game, but i donu wtf is wrong, done all the heeby geeby things to it but nothing is happening
steeve 2014年3月29日下午6:37 
I'm the same..I bought and installed it..played it and all was well.. next time..I try and start..It jutst wont start.
The Denton Project 2014年3月31日下午9:50 
I keep getting this "Failure to Intitialize OpenGL" message. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreaciated!
InsaneNinjaVyper 2014年4月3日下午12:47 
The msg thread about AMD had a link to a file that let maps actually load for me ...
ahirise 2014年4月5日上午8:56 
so how to fix?
Hyborian King 2014年4月6日下午12:31 
start a multi player - private match - quit out - start main game - should work
ddiablo21 2014年4月8日上午4:54 
引用自 Reverend Heat
start a multi player - private match - quit out - start main game - should work
ddiablo21 2014年4月8日上午4:56 
Thank you very much Reverend Heat that work perfectly
Hyborian King 2014年4月11日上午9:01 
no probs
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