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TamponSoup™ 3月17日 4時33分
Doom 3 bfg won't even start?
Bought doom 3 bfg and it when i open it my mouse just has a loading thingy, then nothen happens...? Plz help me
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Luke Ainsworth (禁止済) 3月17日 4時41分 
Specs, computer, and laptop or desktop would help.
TamponSoup™ 3月17日 4時46分 
Toshiba laptop
Amd C-60 apu with radoen hd graphics x2
2gb ram
Amd Radoen HD 6290 1gb?
i think i did it right
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motorsep 3月18日 20時14分 
TamponSoup™ 3月18日 20時17分 
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TamponSoup™ 3月18日 20時19分 
ive updated all my graphics n proccessors, I guess my computer is realy poop, Another question is it worth buying an alienware 14x laptop?
motorsep 3月18日 20時22分 
Amd Radoen HD 6290 1gb is plenty for Doom 3 BFG. Are you on Win XP ? If so, BFG will never work because AMD dropped supporting Win XP long time ago.
TamponSoup™ 3月29日 5時04分 
no im windows 7, my specs shud run the dam game, but i donu wtf is wrong, done all the heeby geeby things to it but nothing is happening
steeve 3月29日 18時37分 
I'm the same..I bought and installed it..played it and all was well.. next time..I try and start..It jutst wont start.
The Denton Project 3月31日 21時50分 
I keep getting this "Failure to Intitialize OpenGL" message. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreaciated!
InsaneNinjaVyper 4月3日 12時47分 
The msg thread about AMD had a link to a file that let maps actually load for me ...
ahirise 4月5日 8時56分 
so how to fix?
Hyborian King 4月6日 12時31分 
start a multi player - private match - quit out - start main game - should work
ddiablo21 4月8日 4時54分 
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start a multi player - private match - quit out - start main game - should work
ddiablo21 4月8日 4時56分 
Thank you very much Reverend Heat that work perfectly
Hyborian King 4月11日 9時01分 
no probs
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