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did this game age well?
it has been around for a while and there are some points were the game still holds up and there are others that just simply dont look that great. for instance there is a area where three wraiths just pop up out of nowhere and they apparently seem to be coming from a vent from the ceiling. this awkward poping up makes the game look bad and leavs you kinda wondering why not give it a animation like they do with the imp. another example are the textures. there are some areas where the textures look good while there are others that look like they were pulled straight from the original xbox version of doom 3. there are good res textures and low res textures in this game which seems odd seeing the game itself is useing some assets from ID TECH 5. overal the game looks good and aside from the textures which you may not notice due to the dark nature of the game and that awkward wraith pop up thing, the rest of the game works just fine. the controls are great, the game isnt a cpu or gpu hog, and the atmosphere is amazing. if anything i would put it up there next to dead space because of the horror elements (i know these two games are subject to the "these games are not the same and can not be compared rule" but the horror aspect is what i think is the comparable part).

P.S. if you notice duplicate posts of this discussion by me please let me know. i noticed that when i posted yesterday that steam took it upon itself to make three duplicate posts. the issue might be fixed now but i am leaving this disclaimer anyway in the event it isnt or happens again.
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For the most part, the lighting is still better than what most games can offer 10 years after its release. The models and textures leave much to be desired though. If you watch the 2001 MacWorld'll see what the game COULD have looked like. It's amazing to think that 13 years later, games still don't look that good.

Also, the early E3 footage had better models as well, so you may want to check those out too on YouTube.
if you look closely the mac world demo had low poly models like the final doom 3. yes there were some things that looked better but npc modesl seemed to be low in polycount. also the textures in the mac world demo seemed better compared to what they looked like in the final release of vanilla and bfg edition
The original version with the co-op LMS mod is great .. I wish Id put a little extra effort in making this re-release and offered a co-op mode as good as the LMS co-op mod .. and they could have uped the poly-count of the models .
overall the game play is still good .
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