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Nolan 2014年2月14日 14時11分
Multiplayer is dead, we should start something
I recently bought bfg edition and i love it. The only thing that is bothering me is that noone plays online on this game. its completly dead. if someone wants to play with me add me and send me a message that you want to play. if im online im avalible to play
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VAST1990_CHILE 2014年2月14日 16時21分 
LassA 2014年2月14日 17時50分 
xXDredd7208Xx 2014年2月14日 18時27分 
yh i had the same idea to get anyways the multiplayer achievements ... but for that we need atleast 5 ppl i think was it
LassA 2014年2月15日 12時31分 
Only 3 guys are enough for the achievements. You need 3 guys for achievement 2 Deaths - 1 Gun / Kill two enemies in the same room with a rocket in DOOM 3 multiplayer

All other multiplayer achievements can be done with 2 guys
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xXDredd7208Xx 2014年2月15日 14時27分 
oh yh right sorry
Nolan 2014年2月15日 17時31分 
I mean i aint trying to get achivements, i just wanna hang and play! lol
All your hopes and dreams 2014年2月17日 16時29分 
I'll play! I've been looking for someone to play multiplayer deathmatch with
Mandingo Warrior 2014年2月17日 22時56分 
if we can get 2 other people i will gladly join, 2 Deaths 1 Gun is the last achievment i need for this game, its been really bugging me that i cant close it out. set a time and I will be there to get this done
LassA 2014年2月18日 8時59分 
I'm In
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2014年2月19日 4時04分 
I am totally in for game too! And I also mean for hanging out and playing the MP, like you said man, not so much for the achievement b1tching, I'll be playing normally, but if you can get em then do.

Sucks to hear the MP is down >:( I definately wanted to MP in this one! I miss the good ol' classic shooter MP, all this Call of Duty BS is not so my thing. So I am all with you for getting something going, maybe even revive it all for a bit. That would be COOL. We could start with trying getting the DOOM game groups going again maybe.

Yeah, so anyone for MP can add me to their list (I'll Add you). I can join and play almost anytime, so message me for a game.
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Mxrider9867 2014年2月19日 14時18分 
Im down for the MP too, just bought the game, after playing the doom series since forever lol
[CALIBUR] 2014年2月21日 12時14分 
I am interested also play some MP
LassA 2014年2月21日 17時32分 
Multiplayer isn't dead, you should following us
Q-Marine 2014年3月1日 14時13分 
I am in for getting achievements, add me pls :)
Nolan 2014年3月1日 14時59分 
blerg, I don't want to play for achivements, just for fun.
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