D-ROCK 2014년 1월 26일 오후 1시 50분
reserection of evil - erebus level 3 labs
tried playing today and couldnt get the red screen to go away after taking care of the zombies at the lab. if the red screen doesnt go away you cant get through the door to move on. anybody have the same thing happen and if so is there a fix. my console says cant render image. any help is much appreciated. thanx.
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Marine Juanmi K|T 2014년 1월 29일 오전 9시 28분 
If I remember correctly, you need to search for another zombie there that is looking to a wall instead of attacking you. If you killed him already, then you should load a previous savegame or start over (You just had 2 levels completed)
D-ROCK 2014년 3월 3일 오후 12시 56분 
thank you sir i shall try that.
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