DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

GhostxBath 2014年1月24日下午6:51
I was hoping to try out the multiplayer is there a group of people that would like to play?
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The Denton Project 2014年7月30日下午6:13 
i would :)
-Accuziddu 2014年7月30日下午11:06 
we are 2 people who are looking to play. I;ll add u both so we can get some carnage :)
ΩOmegaΩ 2014年8月11日上午10:52 
i will play mp
Zetz 2014年8月16日上午11:10 
Add me
tornopulence 2014年8月18日下午8:42 
I am looking to play Doom 3 Multiplayer, but the community is dead. Feel free to add me on.
NeuroSerpens 2014年8月23日下午4:31 
NeuroSerpens 2014年8月23日下午4:32 
I've been trying to play this @#$% on multiplayer for so @#$%@#$ long now... F@#$!!!
cowboygeorgy 2014年8月24日下午12:52 
I would like to play but the ping drives me mad !
jon.pettet....get some!!!! 2014年8月28日上午7:59 
ping is a real prob on here,thats why people don`t stay very long on mp,just keep trying
Orange Raccoon 2014年8月29日下午2:59 
ping is a real prob on here,thats why people don`t stay very long on mp,just keep trying

That is one problem why people don't play Doom 3 mp. I could think of other reasons...Like I don't want to sound off as an elitist ♥♥♥♥♥♥ or something, but I would think the skillcap is somewhat higher than counter strike and tf2 for sure...

I also think the multiplayer part for doom 3 was kind of a little minigame compared to it's single player.
General Mortars 2014年8月29日下午9:27 
add me
Juiced 2014年8月29日下午10:14 
add me up
MagikMike 2014年8月31日上午2:35 
Add me!. i play doom 3 often and find myself roaming the mp quick match. id love for an invite!
PatrickBateman47 2014年9月2日上午7:16 
Add me ,

but I don't know if its only my problem but there's nobody in servers,it seems they are empty,bah
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