[DO] Diemaco 18. Juni 2014 um 19:17 Uhr
Mouse doesn't function ingame?
To be brief:

Mouse works in all menus. Does not work in gameplay. No input whatsoever unless I am in a menu. Anyone have any ideas?

SPECS: Gigabyte 2GB 670 @ 1250MHz core, i5-3450 @ 3.7GHz, 32 gigs DDR3 @ 1600MHz, using a Razer Mamba. Using Windows 7 x64.
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Senran Kagura (Ausgeschlossen) 18. Juni 2014 um 19:38 Uhr 
control panel, mouse, and mouse properties. Go to pointer options. Make sure sanp to and visibility are all unchecked...as for motion make sure enhance pointer precision is checked, and that the pointer speed is maxed out to fast. Double click speed uper buttons nees to be fast, and the 2 boxes under buttons are unchecked. Also, do you use Razer Synapses? Try playing around with settings in there too...and, also make sure your mouse drivers are up to date. I'm using a 4G death adder myself. Also, um try setting steam and doom 3 bfg edition to launch as admin under their properties...something that can help mouse issues that I can think of from past mouse issues.
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