RockySpectrum May 26 @ 1:29pm
Any Realtek users?
I have some problems with my Realtek audio - it doesn't work properly in Doom 3 BFG. Need help and advice.

I have a Realtek HD Audio (ALC889) connected to my 5.1 receiver via coaxial digital output (labelled as optical in Sound options in Windows).

The game detects my sound hardware as supporting 2 channels only. However, 5.1 works great in other games and films.

Fresh drivers don't help.

Does anyone have similar problems???

I have read that Realtek users encountered almost the same problem with CoD: Black Ops.

Can my x64 system be the cause?

Thanks in advance.
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☢LordMiki☢ May 26 @ 2:38pm 
I have Realtek ,But for me everithing is going just fine,what problem do you have ?
RockySpectrum May 26 @ 2:52pm 
I want to get 5.1 sound through the digital output but the game detects the hardware as 2-channel.
Faultron May 29 @ 7:05pm 
doom 3 supports surround only via eax enabled
RockySpectrum Jun 2 @ 7:17am 
Originally posted by Faultron:
doom 3 supports surround only via eax enabled
Are you sure? The BFG Edition has fixed surround sound. People who have Realtek DO have 5.1 but via analogue outputs, not digital. I think, it is not about EAX.
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