Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 2:21am
How can I turn them on? I didn't find this option!
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[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 4:04am 
Is it a mod?
Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 4:25am 
No, I'm asking if there is subtitle option in Doom 3 :D
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 4:48am 
oh sorry wrong thread.

yes there is :)
Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 5:29am 
Strange thing!! Just cannot find!! Where exactly are they?
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 5:29am 
Gameplay options?
Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 5:34am 
Yes! I know they must be there but there is no this option in Game options(( wtf
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 8:15am 
Sorry mate, it appears you were correct. Even though I was convinced that there are subtitles :(
Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 8:23am 
Thanks for the answer! this edition is epic fail((( But the first two Dooms don't need subtitles thankfully :D They are great.
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 8:28am 
not sure why you want subtitles on Doom 3 BFG? as most of the time the voices are pretty clear
Desert Eagle™ May 23 @ 8:32am 
Yeah? I just haven't started the story yet :D
[TFU]geko95g May 23 @ 8:40am 
Originally posted by Desert Eagle™:
Yeah? I just haven't started the story yet :D

Yeah! You wont need subtitles mate ;)
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