Guydodge Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:34pm
the differences
to me it seems like they dummied the BFG edition up.have only died once and i dont ever remember having 400 shotgun everywhere and i'm playing the same hardness level.

edit..just went and played lab 2 level on both versions and as i thought.on original version had 28 shotgun rounds, bfg 400,original assault rounds 150, bfg over 600.on original had to use ammo wisely certian ammo for certain situations,bfg version didnt matter plenty of every kind of ammo.flashlight on original, having to switch made it much more intense.mounted in bfg version took away from urgency of switching from flashlight to weapon.

lighting has a much darker feel in original(very spooky).in bfg version turned brightness down all the way to try to reproduce the lighting in original just wasn't the far as running of game and speed didn't notice much not much difference there either.but i did work on the cfg file for a while to get the sweet spot on the for my money and a better experience original hands down without a dought.

ps...i'm running a md range higher end pc
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