BasicAssassin 2014年7月19日下午7:42
Doom 3 crashes on the loading screen after the intro
I've tried playng Doom 3 multiple times but every time after that opening intro where the woman talks about UAG and how they can do anything, it crashes on the loading screen directly after. Please help with this because I really want to be able to play Doom 3.
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Rav 2014年7月20日上午2:12 
Same here I just bought this the other day and tried playing it now but I cant get past this first loading screen, rather dissapointing to say the least.
runningcode3 2014年7月20日上午8:05 
Same here
Andy 2014年7月20日上午8:07 
Validate your cache? See if that helps.
QUAKE 2014年7月20日上午11:11 
same here
Shozzy_D 2014年7月20日下午7:06 
me too, anyone got a fix?
NooB KitteN 2014年7月21日上午7:22 
same here...
Sharkfood 2014年7月21日上午11:47 
Sounds like the radeon opengl crash. Check my thread which I will bump.
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