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-3xA'Lu©κy Aug 7, 2014 @ 1:30am
Doom 3 vs Doom 3: BFG Edition
About the port:

I have an intel core i7 950 @ 3.07ghz, GTX 680 4 gb, 16 GB DDR3 ram and Windows 7 64 bit OS. I had huge performance issues with Doom 3 vanilla (got it retail). I tried every method on the net I could find for months and perhaps a few troubleshooting methods I thought off myself -- and I just couldn't get it smooth or without it crashing or freezing. Had a few mates with similar rigs and most of the similar symptoms.I understand it's an old game but that, alone, was enough for me.
Doom 3 BFG edition runs silky smooth *at all times* on top of the fact it's been "HD'ed". While the remaster isn't as impressive as some of the vanilla Doom 3 mods, it's still quite good and there's been a lot of effort to keep textures similar to the original game while provide a subtle facelift. Most ground and environment textures receive far more significant HD treatment. Loading times are super-quick and it's nice to be able to switch out of Doom 3 and play the original games that are included, all in the one game and from the main menu.

About widescreen:

Unlike most other old games, the vanilla Doom 3 requires some effort to get it looking nice and even then, the widescreen is far from perfect. Again, I consulted every method on the net and the game still wasn't to my liking. I'm maybe a bit pedantic.
Doom 3 BFG edition thankfully has great widescreen and an FoV (field-of-view) toggle. It's just perfect and couldn't have been done better.

About visuals/atmosphere/pace:

The original Doom 3 looks great and still holds up decently today. I loved the darkness but at times it was ridiculously dark and that flashlight was one thing I utterly hated. An interesting mechanic, but just a nuisance. Luckily, there exists a "duct tape flashlight" mod that places a flashlight on all of your guns without sacraficing the almost-perfect horror atmosphere and prevents from needing to swap in/swap out your weapon each time.
BFG Edition's gamma was far too bright initially, but the one patch for this game made it comparable to the original - dark - but not as dark as it used to be. Lighting in some areas has been redone which works out to be better; for the most part anyway. Overall it's the same game but without the flashlight issue. You've now got a mounted flashlight that can be activated for a period of time and then will stop working and need to recharge (which happens quickly). It's about 20 seconds flashlight for every 5 seconds recharge. I personally like the new system-in-place. That's not to say a majority hated the old flashlight (although, almost every critic did) but it was needlessly inconvenient and didn't generally make the game any scarier. In fact, the new mounted flashlight (and the mod for vanilla Doom 3) changes the pace of the game slightly so it's more in-line with its predecessors - more "run 'n' gun" than slow-paced, horror-shooter. Make no mistake: BFG Edition is still just as scary.

Music and sound:

Not much to say. Liked the music but not too memorable. Everything scared the crap out of me, haha. Sound design was perfect, especially for the weapons and background sound. Spooky.
Music and sound is the same. I don't think it's been changed at all.

Story, dialogue and homage to original games:

Loved it. Not much to say here either. The story is Sci-Fi-based yet immersive. It's not story-of-the-year by any lengths... but this is not a dialogue-based game. While you can interact with people early on, most of the dialogue will be in the form of either verbal/written opinions you come across that add to the tension and make you feel even more alone as you press on.
Nothing changed here at all.


A fantastic shooter with nice jump-scares and is rarely interupted with cutscenes and scripted behaviour. Its was a great attempt at keeping the fun shooting aspect of the original games but with added horror and so I can't really flaw it much. The atmosphere is great in certain sections, the weapons all handle brilliantly as well as being incredibly varied and it's got decent replay value. You're still fighting mutants, although, in full 3D (not Wolfenstein 3D-like, as the originals were).
Barely any changes here. Ammo is more abundant in that in some areas more has been added or due to the game being slightly more brighter -- some ammo that was well-hidden in the dark is much more noticeable. As such, damage values of weapon have been altered to less as a way to compensate (shotgun is particularly weaker when compared to vanilla Doom 3). The original Doom 3 had ammo being ridiculously rare IMHO, and honestly, it wasn't such a game-breaker as hardcore fans have made it out to be. Doom 3 BFG edition features an exclusive campaign entitled "The Lost Missions". More of the same, and it features a different protagonist too. It was good, but if you're playing the original Doom 3 - you're not missing out much. The Doom 3 expansion pack is also included in Doom 3 BFG edition "Ressurection of Evil".

On top of all of this, Doom 1 and 2 are also there to play and can be played quite nicely without few problems (if you play Doom 3 at a modern resolution these titles will launch in a 4:3 ratio but play at the same modern resolution... so you can easily alt-tab out and your monitor doesn't need to keep changing resolutions). They are both exactly how I remember it. They've barely been touched at all, honestly (except Doom 2 had Nazi imagery changed in its secret levels as well as german soldiers being changed into mutants and both games now featuring pill-icon packs instead of red-cross packs as health kits). This censorship was lazy, I admit, as only Germany needed these changes and not the rest of the world but there's an easy way to uncensor both games that takes a minute or so. I didn't bother with it but my friends did and it exists somewhere on the internet, should you need it. There's no disadvantage to uncensoring your games (achievements, etc.) I've been told and if you hate censorship -- well, now you know.


Some fantastic mods that feature overhauls, completely new levels or even introduce new game mechanics. While the modding scene isn't as huge as some games, it was big enough to put out a whole bunch of mods (more than I've seen for a game in quite some time).
Doom 3 BFG edition *can* be modded but is harder to do so and most of the original Doom 3 mods won't work with BFG edition. Period. Someone needs to port them over or else :) But besides that, there exists some mods purely for BFG Edition but nowhere near as many.


The Original Doom 3 goes for $10 USD on Steam (Australian price).
Doom 3 BFG Edition goes for $20 USD on Steam (Australian price).
Both get you bang for your buck but I think BFG Edition offers more in terms of convenience, Steam achievements, widescreen, modern PC optimization, etc. It's entirely up to the consumer.

Rating: 8.4/10.
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Hinsonator Aug 8, 2014 @ 5:47pm 
Wait, it is possible to mod BFG Edition?
-3xA'Lu©κy Aug 8, 2014 @ 5:48pm 
Originally posted by Hinsonator:
Wait, it is possible to mod BFG Edition?

Hinsonator Aug 8, 2014 @ 5:49pm 
Hmmmm, i guess it's harder because BFG Edition doesn't support it natively.
MrMuffinz Aug 8, 2014 @ 9:04pm 
Originally posted by Hinsonator:
Hmmmm, i guess it's harder because BFG Edition doesn't support it natively.
It does actually.
It just has a completely different wokflow for modding and no one really wants to take the time when other people have already did it easier with the original.
Megatron Aug 8, 2014 @ 11:41pm 
How the hell did you guys get the bfg on steam to work? I cant get it to work myself, only thing that works are the old games which I use the brutal doom mod for which is bad ♥♥♥, love the gore effects in that way more than in doom 3
MrMuffinz Aug 9, 2014 @ 11:55am 
Originally posted by Megatron:
How the hell did you guys get the bfg on steam to work? I cant get it to work myself, only thing that works are the old games which I use the brutal doom mod for which is bad ♥♥♥, love the gore effects in that way more than in doom 3
What do you mean you can't get it to work?
What isn't working for you?

My BFG worked right out of the box, with a opengl .dll that fixed some bluriness albeit.
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