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Цоци 2014年7月30日 17時52分
should i get bfg edition or original doom 3 for mods?
are the mods on doom 3 original worth it too get instead of bfg edition?
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«๖ۣۜMk17»UnknownSoldier137 2014年7月30日 23時21分 
If all you care about is graphics, then the old Doom 3 can look WAY better with mods. But if you want the refinements of gameplay like a better hud, flashlight on armor, the extra lost mission, and some other things than go with BFG.
Peter Playmaker 2014年7月31日 14時42分 
what the guy above said :)

Also in case you havn't noticed both original doom 3, and bfg edition is on sale at right now, and both are steam versions ;)
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