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Terraforming Guide
przez nebulæ
Describes terraforming in Endless Space: the various planet types, planet type bonuses and how to terraform one planet type into another....
Pro tips for playing Hissho.
Are you having trouble unleashing the power of the galaxies favorite feathered friends? I'm here to help....
A Free link to the Wikia
przez SoraniL
Here it is, free quick acces to the wikia. It's here, go ahead don't be shy. ...
Starting off in Endless Space: Disharmony
przez BrigadierBill
Endless Space is a great game, but one with a very lackluster tutorial. For those of us who need help in understanding the basics, want to know which techs to go for in early game, help making a custom race, figuring out combat, or just knowing the diffe...
[VIDEO] Let's learn Endless Space
przez gamingalife
My Let's learn series, where I will commentate my own games, point out mistakes and explain my decisions. Please leave a comment.
Простой способ победы над ИИ на максимальной сложности
przez thundra
Хотите одержать верх над ИИ на максимальной сложности, выиграть за пользовательскую фракцию с -195 очков, получить за раз до 10ти редких дости...
How to get the three achievements of exploring galaxies
przez [LyT :D] Trixie Jensen
Checking out the Neighborhood , The Truth is Way Out There , To Boldly Go ... These are achievements with one objective in common: exploring the galaxy. The huge galaxy in X turns. But don't be afraid, following this guide, you'll get th...
An Overview of Endless Space
przez Lytheden
This guide may be helpful to read if your familiar with the game Civilization V, wondering what's new or different about this game. Overall I'll walk through some of the basic concepts that may help you compare Civ with Endless Space....
Эндлесс Спейс – быстрое начало.
przez Taggart
Руководство для тех, кто искал чтобы такое прочитать на русском языке о том, как начать играть и не тыкаться мышкой как баран на новые ворот...
Speeding up Ship Creation
przez kidpython
Once you have several star systems churning out ships, the process of creating those ships and turning them into fleets gets tiresome. This is a way to accomplish this task with the fewest clicks and least hassle....