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Endless Space Guida Basilare
by solaris104
Guida di base di Endless Space ....
Starting off in Endless Space: Disharmony
by BrigadierBill
Endless Space is a great game, but one with a very lackluster tutorial. For those of us who need help in understanding the basics, want to know which techs to go for in early game, help making a custom race, figuring out combat, or just knowing the diffe...
Руководство по терраформированию планет
by Галактик
Terraforming Guide, перевод на русский язык. Это руководство содержит информацию о типах планет и о том, как их переделать из одного в другой....
Terraforming Guide
by nebulæ
Describes terraforming in Endless Space: the various planet types, planet type bonuses and how to terraform one planet type into another....
Découverte d'une partie complète !
by Laflys[YT]
Je vous propose de partir à la découverte du jeu durant une partie intégrale, avec les Sowers. Vision d'un 4X Spatial au féminin !...
Простой способ победы над ИИ на максимальной сложности
by thundra
Хотите одержать верх над ИИ на максимальной сложности, выиграть за пользовательскую фракцию с -195 очков, получить за раз до 10ти редких дости...
How to vault
by Thodre
After reading this guide, you might be able to defend your vault from like a Craver or something...
Pro tips for playing Hissho.
Are you having trouble unleashing the power of the galaxies favorite feathered friends? I'm here to help....
Basic guide for Disharmony in English & Japanese
by MeaslyTripod
Detailing basic game system, opening move including what to research & build, where to colonize. I hope you enjoy. It's recommendable for beginner to start with smaller map and less opponents as it takes less time. (Japanese translation below) =====...
Endless Space: Disharmony Video Tutorial
by ArealFloodAdvisory
Just started playing? Overwhelmed by tooltips? Baffled by the branching tech tree? Look no further! This video Let's Play/tutorial/walkthrough hybrid will tell you all the basics, some less obvious but very useful tidbits, and show you a basic strategy fo...
An Overview of Endless Space
by Lytheden
This guide may be helpful to read if your familiar with the game Civilization V, wondering what's new or different about this game. Overall I'll walk through some of the basic concepts that may help you compare Civ with Endless Space....
Invasion mechanics explained (how to invade successfully)
by MTB-Fritz
This started out as a quick write-up for the invasion mechanics but I ended up with a lil more info so decided to go the whole mile. This guide will explain to you how invasions work, what goes on behind the curtain and how to invade enemy systems. edi...
Galaxy Generation Seed Number
by Alexspeed
This Guide helpes you to find and use the GGS (Galaxy Generation Seed Number), to share or use a specific galaxy layout....
A Free link to the Wikia
by SoraniL
Here it is, free quick acces to the wikia. It's here, go ahead don't be shy. ...
Endless - 無盡宇宙/萬艦穿星 新手入門
by Loni.Chou
給ES新手的中文入門,會慢慢補充 因為內容很多,因此我分成幾個章節,預計如下: 啟程(已完成) 殖民與星球管理(編修中) 科技 軍事 貿易與外交 英雄...
Эндлесс Спейс – быстрое начало.
by Taggart
Руководство для тех, кто искал чтобы такое прочитать на русском языке о том, как начать играть и не тыкаться мышкой как баран на новые ворот...
Guida Strategica Endless Space
by Puxxup
Tutorial Français
by Socros
Série de tutoriel vidéo en français pour le jeu...
[VIDEO] Let's learn Endless Space
by gamingalife
My Let's learn series, where I will commentate my own games, point out mistakes and explain my decisions. Please leave a comment.
[VIDEO] Approval system explained
by gamingalife
Basic explanation of the approval system. I explain what to look out for and how approval works in Endless Space. What to use, what to check when considering expansion. How do you manage disapproval. http://f...
Speeding up Ship Creation
by kidpython
Once you have several star systems churning out ships, the process of creating those ships and turning them into fleets gets tiresome. This is a way to accomplish this task with the fewest clicks and least hassle....
Using Warp for an End Run
by kidpython
Using the warp drive to "end run" other factions instead of fighting an early war. This is very short and maybe a bit obvious but shows off some basic strategy and tactics of the game. ...
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