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Endless Space

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Greenjuice Nov 16, 2012 @ 6:14am
installing this game now. anything i shuld know?
as he title says, i'm installinmg this game as i write this. is there anything i should know before starting?
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Ho-boy... Where to start...

Well first things first I'd suggest playing as the Horatio for your first run through. They're a relatively forgiving faction with bonus' to food output and population caps. Don't play as Pilgrims, Cravers or Sowers until you've got a handle on the game.

Send your colony ship and your scout off in two different directions. It's a little cheaty but you may want to reload from the beginning if your scout finds a colonizable planet first since the first couple turns are absolutely critical. After that... well what I do is I keep my taxes set at 50% for one turn. This lets me buy a hero on turn 2. Aim for a hero an administrative and corporate specializations. Failing that pick up an administrator for the industry and food bonus.

After you get your hero lower your taxes as much as you can while staying in the black. This will increase your research speed, and make your planet happy. Happy people make more babies which means your population grows faster. Build the food exploitation on the first planet of each system and get the Isotope Refinaries up ASAP.

Ignore military tech to start. Try to get N-Way fusion plants and Core Mining right off the bat. If you have access to the resources on your starting planet then it makes sense to Xenology if you'll get an immediate benefit from it. Prioratize your early colonization research based on what is in your backyard. For example if there is an arid planet either in your home system or one jump away, snag Arid Epigenetics, grab Xenobotany if it's a tundra.

As you expand, specialize your planets. Terran planets are breadbaskets (Jungles, Oceans and Arids can perform well too) colonize them first. Jungles, Deserts and Lava planets are industry powerhouses. Ocean, Tundra and Arctic are good for research, and Arid and Barren are your moneymakers.
Greenjuice Nov 17, 2012 @ 6:11am 
i got n-way fusion plants and core mining, and xenology. i am researching militairy, because im like at the edge of a war with empire, and did what you said about the directions. kinda screwed up on the whole colony thing, but im recovering. also i need to make food planets. but first thing is clearing that pesky blockade...
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