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Lennon7935 2012年11月14日 6時45分
Playstyle and Game Length
So I've played a few online games and found myself disappointed that most of the community seem to play short, 50-150 turn games, with plenty of early-game border conflicts and low-MP battles.
Are there any other players out there that want to have a good, long 500+ turn game? I mean good old fashioned empire on empire warfare, with hundred of fleets aside, 60000+ MP in each, the whole galaxy colonised, the works.
And what about coop games? 2 or 3 human players against the AI in locked teams? Of course, this would be best over Skype, TS or something.
Given the small number of players that actually go online, I'm not too surprised by the lack of diversity, but for a game that has so much potential for long-term multiplayer empire-building, I'm just not seeing enough empires being built.
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[DLP] JohnDoe022 2012年11月15日 20時45分 
I'm game (haha). But, seriously hit me up and we'll see if we can't get a major game going.
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