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Cereals 2012年11月8日 13時00分
ES on a Netbook
Can I run this game on a Netbook in reasonable speed? Because I am looking desperately for a 4x game that runs on a 1024x600 or 800x600 resolution.
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Frisky_Bishop 2012年11月8日 15時41分 
which netbook (specs)?
i doubt you could play a large map with many enemies smoothly , but i havent tried playing it on my laptop so i might be wrong
Cereals 2012年11月9日 1時38分 
I got an Asus EEE PC 1015B w/ an AMD Fusion APU C50 1.0GHz (dual core) Processor, 2 GB (or 4? can't remember from the back of my head right now) DDR3 RAM and an AMD® Radeon HD 6250.
Too bad there is no demo to test this. The limiting factor for most games I try to run is usually the fixed horizontal resolution of 600 pixels.
Cereals 2012年11月13日 22時30分 
Can anyone else help me out here?
Steph.(✿◠‿◠)  [開発者] 2012年11月14日 2時01分 
Cereals の投稿を引用:
Can anyone else help me out here?

Humm, you will probably end up having resolution issues. The smallest resolution on ES is 1024*768[i.imgur.com]. :/
Cereals 2012年11月14日 7時37分 
That's discouraging, but thank you anyways!
Le Web de la Taxaia 2013年5月8日 14時53分 
i was able to put the game on 1024x600 in the config file, but performance was subpar on the galaxy view (intel gma 950). Otherwise, performance was good on the rest of the screens, so it's pretty close to working even on a classic netbook.

A more powerfull netbook has even higher chances of running it good
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