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Claes Jan 15, 2013 @ 11:42pm
Damn! I have 4 systems on strike!
I have been playing what I thought was my best game and all of a sudden I have 4 systems on strike and not producing anything. I must have been expanding too fast. How do I get my systems out of strike and and the track back to happiness?
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Carl Jan 16, 2013 @ 12:52am 
Fastest way. Lower your taxes. Next thing you need to do is look into the Left research tree. There will be pink tabbed icons they raise approval directly on the system they're built. Once your systems (one of which will boost all your production by 10 percent if theyre at 80 or higher approval rating). Once you build a few of these upgrades you could raise your tax rate again, or leave it lower for bonuses.

On the bottom tree for colonization and such there are upgrades that lower disaproval from expansion as well, but these are fewer and farther between.
Dorok Jan 16, 2013 @ 1:38pm 
If you let yourself enter in a bad situation of Happiness it can be troubles to get back a more normal state.

In that case it's not only using the global tax rate (top in screen with list of systems) but a possibility can be to temporary dedicate a few systems to just produce Dust so you could lower the tax more. This the time to get thing to more normal state. To avoid penalize too much a system make a loop to change systems dedicated to dust production so you don't block growth of a system during a too long time.

Another trick to produce more Dust to be able lower more the tax is to make manual repartition of population on some system. By drag&drop you can move a population unit from one planet to another planet in a system. By moving more population to planets producing significantly more Dust you could sometimes get the additional Dust to let you lower the Tax and get back a better production on all planets.
Sid Jan 16, 2013 @ 2:14pm 
First step should be to see WHY the approval is so low. What's your tax rate? If you can do so without losing too much Dust, lower taxes at least for a bit. Did you maybe colonize too many bad planets (negative anomaly and hard-to-colonize type) in the system? If so, terraforming and anomaly neutralization (both in the lower tree) might be a better and cheaper long term solution since they don't cost Dust (IIRC).

From a practical POV, systems on strike can be hard to fix since the improvements to increase happiness will take forever to build thanks to the strike.

If I can't afford to wait for several dozen turns or so (for example when several systems' low approval rating also drags down my Empire's rating), I tend to actually raise taxes sharply for a few turns. This brings my entire Empire to a screeching halt, but it gives a lot of Dust. And you can use that Dust to instantly buy the happiness-giving improvements.

And a more general tip: Check the Empire summary screen (where you see all your systems and can set your tax rate) at least every couple of turns. Unless you actively provoked the strike (bad colonization choice, blind tax rate increase), it rarely happens "all of a sudden". Approval ratings will drop for a few turns before hitting the strike level - use that time as an early warning and initiate help then!
kidpython Jan 16, 2013 @ 2:52pm 
It is useful to have an admin hero with one or both of the 'lute' abilities to provide an instant +30 or +70 approval boost. Send him or her temporarily to a striking system especially if that allows you to do some builds to fix things up in a hurry. Then move the hero to another unhappy system,
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Bud Jan 16, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
I agree with them, taxes are a huge thing but as I just skim read the above, I could be beating a horse here and thats not important...just trying to help.

To get out of the "Strike" zone, try the following
1. Lower taxes...self explanitory and from above writing I will end it here.
2. Expecually when starting off, leave the harder to develop worlds out until you develop enough technology to lower the happiness drop via the good stuff that you can tech in the technology tree. For instance, leave the barren and gas giants for focusing on the worlds that you can and also those with very little happiness hits, like no more than -10 is fine.
3. Don't overexpand when you start, you will lose happiness as the game uses this for curbing overexpansion.
4. Heroes placed in planets...depending on who they are but as a whole at least a little...does help. Put Heroes in your systems and not in fleets when you start at least.
5. Materials and planetary "specials" can help but many hurt...also avoid those planets until later on.

Thats really brief but if you don't overexpand and start smarter in your controlled start system (Warp Gates block the zone until technology is advanced more.) Honestly and with my medium experience, I find that you are given more for 3 or 4 per planet than overexpand and have just one or even two on a planet. Also, you will take a hit if the planet is overpopulated, so EVENTUALLY, leave home.
Alltat Jan 17, 2013 @ 12:15pm 
The problem likely wasn't over-expanding as such, but that you colonized too many planets that give a morale penalty without enough morale boosting structures to compensate. During the early game, most planets aren't worth colonizing even if you could. Otherwise attractive planets with negative anomalies can also be unsuitable for colonization until you have the tech to fix them up.

Compared to games like Civ and GalCiv, the game requires that you keep much better track of morale. Especially as one planet having bad morale will cause a morale penalty on all other planets as well.
Borkchop Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:20am 
I find that the decisions one makes in this game early on catch up pretty quick, especially unbalanced technology researching. I know how quickly I expand and make sure that I can accommodate the morale deductions for empire size and population by mapping out the locations of the morale boosting techs in the left technology branch.

LUXURY RESOURCES can also help so I make sure that I map out their location on the tech tree too.

POSITIVE ANOMALIES are also a way to go when it comes to colonizing in the early game if you have limited planet type options.

You can also adjust the GALAXY GENERATION settings to produce young stars wherein you'll have a few more Terran, Ocean, and Jungle planets (that have no morale penalty) appear but at the expense of industry planets as they generate around old stars.

You could also CREATE YOUR OWN FACTION so that you can build in a morale bonus. This is what I've done and have included the amoeba affinity so that all systems and planets are visible from the start. That way I can plan out my colonization path from the get-go (taking advantage of positive anomalies and such).

For a quick fix (as long as you have researched the right techs), ADMINISTRATIVE HERO'S are the way to go. As someone above already mentioned, shift one of your hero's with the morale boosting abilities to the system, build some morale improvements, then reassign them.

Lastly, one of the BETTER STRATEGIES that I've stumbled across more recently has been to use PLANETARY EXPLOITS to their best advantage. When I first started playing the game, I would set the exploit to what I felt I needed rather than what the planet's specialty was. I ended up lagging in research and running out of dust (research helps discover morale boosting stuff, dust means you can adjust your TAX rate without fear). I was often tempted to us the industrial exploit just to get things going but suffered in the mid to late game.

Hope that helps and adds to the discussion.
Dorok Jan 19, 2013 @ 7:32pm 
Anticipate Happiness brutal decrease can help a lot. Colonize a new system can have an effect on all systems. Colonize a second planet in a system can generate a brutal Happiness decrease in that system. Some events can have a happiness decrease/increase during many turns so quote them and for example be ready when it's the end of a nice happiness bonus event.

Happiness is computed for the system not per planet so a system happiness bonus/malus is just sum happiness bonus malus of all colonized planets of a system. So sometimes just colonize a small planet with a nice happiness bonus will improved happiness of a system. But also if you prepare colonize a planet with a bad happiness malus like -20 sometimes even more, then be ready of a significant happiness decrease in that system when you'll colonize the planet.
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Bud Jan 20, 2013 @ 1:04am 
Originally posted by Borkchop:
LUXURY RESOURCES can also help so I make sure that I map out their location on the tech tree too. Hope that helps and adds to the discussion.

Could you list the steps. I agree with this and could also look it up but if you list the steps here, you would save me a lot of time. If not, thats fine and thanks anyways.

But yeah, the three biggest ones takes a really crappy system and will make it so you can have Estatic popularity even when taxing quite high, leading to more money AND population while without them your system will rarely grow larger without you crippling yourself via taxes or other to please them.

...screw them, they are pixels in a game, same with attacking the good empires just for the achievement.
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