nightmaresabin Jan 14, 2013 @ 11:43pm
Population Growth bug?
For some reason my Population Growth on several of my systems has changed to 20-30 turns. This happened after I built a bunch of the food improvements in the diplomacy tree. Those systems all have Ecstatic approval, and 300-600 food. Could this be a bug due to my Food output being so high that the game is somehow rolling it over to Zero? Or is there something in the game mechanics I'm missing?
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Dorok Jan 15, 2013 @ 11:54am 
I did get supplemental food production over 2800 and didn't noticed population growth problem.

If you noticed it in multiple systems it's possible you got a special event lowering population growth. It's just a bet, I don't know if such nasty event exists. Alas the tooltip for population growth doesn't provide any details and I know no way to check events in effect.

I think that 300-600 food supplemental production isn't enough to deduce the population growth speed. It's also a lot dependent of population size of the system.

But by trying checking through some old saves of a game finished I did noticed an anomaly too but I'm not sure it's new. Load a save, quote population growth, they are quite low. play the turn and at next turn everything get normal. Have you tried it?
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