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Endless Space

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Smakkz Apr 1, 2013 @ 11:48am
Countering Hissho
So the situation is this:

End game, Huge galaxy
Hissho is 87% from an economic victory which comes primarily from their Affinity.

Me, UE with my Horatio ally wants to stop them in their tracks. I take a look at their military power by quitting since this game doesnt seem to have a spy function...

The avian samurais have 600K MP, up against my 140K and my hissho 190K. How the fnark can you beat something like that? About +30 star systems on me and Hissho with 25 on Horatio

Just for fun, I declared war and tested against one of their fleets.

4 Dreadnaughts with about 3500 MP each, meeting 11 destroyers with 4000 MP each....

And the hissho got endless supply.

So how do I crack this nut? Destroyers with missiles for that kamikaze run repeated about 9 million times to grind em down?

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Falaris Apr 3, 2013 @ 3:55pm 
Your basic problem is that you are loosing on economics against one of the strongest military factions, with one of the strongest economic factions. HIssho has terrific offensive ship bonuses.

I should probably say 'good luck!' and leave it there. :)
(And the game is probably over by now anyway).

Out of curiosity, though, what ship setup did they and you have?
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