xpatch Mar 30, 2013 @ 8:07pm
fun factor
I thought there would be more involved ship battles. It's alot like a card game during battles. Figuring the resource system out was fun but after that I'm uncertain what todo. It's accounting for a virtual world. Once you know your going to win what's the point? My reward centers stoped firing :(
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Haldurson Mar 31, 2013 @ 10:03am 
You may think you are going to win, and you may be right. But unless you are playing on the hardest difficulty level and still have that problem, you have nothing to complain about. I personally find that in many games that I play, even if I feel I'm doing well, that victory is not guaranteed for a good while. I've had games where I was sure I was going to win, when opponents literally snuck up on me with economic victories. I've been drawn at the last minutes into almost unwinnable wars that become a race between me achieving victory or being conquered. I've been attacked by almost every friend in the game that I thought I had in one game (ironically, in that game, the only side that didn't declare war on me were the cravers lol).

So yes, you can have games that go like that, where victory seems inevitable. It just means that you are not challenging yourself. Increase the difficulty, take a different faction, build the universe differently, change the conditions of the game, try to win in a completely different way (even a way that your factoin does not have advantages towards), and so on. Then if you still have too easy a time, then yes, the game is not for you.

BTW, there are actually some tactical aspects to ship battles that go beyond simply randomly equipping your ships, forming fleets, and picking cards. I didn't concern myself with that at first since I'm more into the larger, more strategic aspects of the game than the tactical. But I'm just starting to explore that myself.

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