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STFD (Space Tech for Dummies)
If you’re having troubles growing your empire there is a simple solution. Don’t read, just make mud pies.
Yeah, just make mud pies.
The devs of this game are really quite clever in that they have made a puzzle within a puzzle with regards to the tech trees. They’ve littered it up with great sci-fi flavor to suck all us Big Bang Theory freaks into not seeing the forest for the trees. Well done guys, you evil ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
It’s really quite simple, and you don’t have to read a stich of what something is or what it does just zoom out, click, and get back to business.
Here’s how it works.
There are two major trees and two minors.
The majors are the trees that are your ASAP start-up priorities and they are the, “Trading and Diplomacy tree,” and the, “Applied sciences Tree,” a slight edge going to the former.
The minors are the, “Exploration and expansion tree,” and the, “Galactic warfare tree.” Calling them minor does not mean they are not important and should not be ignored during your build. It simply means they are slipped in as needed, or when ready, while you work the majors.
Open your tech tree and scroll all the way out so all you can see are dots with no text. You will now be able to see distinct patterns and shapes within each tree. Now check out the first 5 techs in the Trading and Diplomacy tree. They form a pentagon, and then the next 5 techs in the same tree turn the pentagon into an arrow head. Look at the expansion and exploration tree. Its first shape is a heptagon followed by a butterfly. The biggest first stage shape is the galactic warfare shape. When it’s complete it forms a large bird. If you build each shape progressively adding the next stage once the first has been completed, and choose systems/planets wisely during expansion, you will be successful. I would suggest that you concentrate on completing the first two tiers of your Trading and diplomacy tree and the first tier of applied science ASAP. How you take it from there will all depend on who you are and who you are fighting..
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I have up loaded 4 screen shots viewable to the public on steam. If you wish to see where I'm at, round 73, in a normal diff game, following the subject method, click on my avatar and take a look.
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if only your profile would be public :)
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Originally posted by th³ d¦ctátör:
if only your profile would be public :)

He he.. Never said I wasn't dumber then a bag of hammers. It's public now.
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