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Manxome Jul 28, 2014 @ 11:53pm
Sheredyn Integrity
Apparently Sheredyn take a -10 approval penalty for declaring war, even if you were previously at cold war and had no ongoing deals?

And if you DO have any ongoing deals when you declare war, you take an additional -10 approval for each of them?

And these penalties are permanent?

And here I was thinking the Sheredyn were supposed to be a militaristic faction.
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MTB-Fritz Jul 29, 2014 @ 4:25am 
I dont know where you take your info from or if you experience this directly while playing but I am currently in a match playing the Sheredyn 1 Sowers I was at peace with and a craver both declared war on me without any approval hits that same or the following turns.

I also declared war on 2 more peacefull factions myself and also got NO approval hit for doing so (as no "deals" were broken I believe). Several turns later I still get no apporval penalties listed in my empire wide bonuses. Whenever an enemy starts to blockade one of my systems tho approval declines.

Maybe thats what you are seeing if the enemy starts to blockade/invade several of your systems?
Manxome Jul 29, 2014 @ 9:09am 
Oh, this is great...

So I'm playing the game, waiting for the cease fire to end so I can declare war. The cease fire ends, but I want to save just before I declare war, and since the update message saying what you've built in the last turn disappears if you save and reload, I run around and queue up build orders in all my systems first. Then I save.

I check one of my systems, which happens to be at 78 approval. I declare war. I look at the system again, and it's now at 68 approval, and there's a "-10 faction trait" item in the approval breakdown that wasn't there before. So I post here.

Now you tell me I'm not supposed to take an approval hit just for declaring war, so I reload the saved game to try again. As soon as I reload the saved game, before doing anything at all, I look at the same system. It's now at 83 approval! Why has the approval gone up? Well, it's probably related to the fact that 3 of the system's population have disappeared! And I go and declare war, and the system's approval remains at 83, and there's no "faction trait" item listed in the approval breakdown.

Naturally, I'm scratching my head, so I look for a way to reproduce the original scenario. As it happens, I also have a saved game from just before I ended the previous turn. So I load that up, click "next turn", and look at that system. I'm back to 78 approval. I declare war, and it drops to 68 (-10 faction trait).

So, if there are any developers reading this, I've got a pair of saved games and reproduction instructions demonstrating at least two bugs with (seemingly) major gameplay implications.
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