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Anon Omis Sep 28, 2013 @ 10:51am
Just a few questions. Some help would be nice.
I've seen thigs game around and it looks quite interesting. I'm am strongly considering picking it up. But I have a few questions before I do.

1) The only computer I can play it on is a HP Pavilion dv7. It's stock with no added features from when I purchased it. I'm really don't know much about computers so I'm not sure if it has the specs to run this game. Let me know if there is more you need to know.

2) How compatable is it with an 360 controller? This really isn't a make or break thing for me as I'm alright using a mouse and keyboard. I would just like to play with a controller as well.

3) I know that, eventually, this game will be free to play like TF2 once it launches. But if I pay for early access do I get that money back at launch or does it stay with the creators? I understand paying now helps the developers create the game, bringing it to launch sooner, but as a college student with limited funds I'm not sure if the price now is worth it. Some opinions on this would helpful.

[edit] I just checked the price and I think I could swing the $10 right now no problem. Just would like some opinions as to if it is worth it at this time.

Also, what is the differece between this being a closed beta and an open beta?
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rob  [developer] Sep 29, 2013 @ 3:10pm 
1) I pulled up your computer online, and I got one that has an Intel HD 3000 graphics chip. That chip runs Loadout fine. I'm not sure if all variants dv7s have that graphics chip, though. You could look at your graphics properties to see.

2) Loadout plays great with a 360 controller. Some players prefer it over mouse & keyboard, although most prefer mouse & keyboard. You do need a mouse to navigate the menus, but you can use the 360 controller for everything once the game starts.

3) Early Access gives you access and a starter pack. Once Loadout is in Open Beta, the starter pack will become optional, rather than mandatory. By participating in Early Access, you still get the benefit of the starter pack you bought, plus early access and a couple extras.

Open Beta is when Loadout is available for anyone to play. It is also when us developers feel the game is ready for mass consumption. Right now, it's a lot of fun, but still missing some key features that will come before Open Beta.
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