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MGfreak | trade.tf 2013. júl. 20. @ de. 11:52
Questions about : Starbucks & Bots
Hey guys,
at first i want to tell you that i did not read all discussion. Maybe (and im sure about that) these questions are already existing but i didnt found them.

This games is really nice, im a big fan. But there are still 2 big points i really dont enjoy:

At first there are the Starbucks. The Ingame Currency. Of course this is / will become a free to play title and the developers want to earn money with it. Thats totally legal and im fine with that (of course xD) But its really enoying how freakin' HARD it is to earn some coins for free. There is that wheel to win prices but i won only about 200 Coins yet. And thats really nothing. I collected about 40 Upgrade-Points but cant need or cant use them, course i would not be able to purches that new items. Will there be a update for easier earning Starbucks?
Otherwise i think i will leave this game, course i cant wait so long for coins and i wouldnt support developers who dont give me a realy chance to earn coins.


Then there are the crazy bots ^^ This is not as important as the first points, but it also makes me crazy. The bots are teleporting (sometimes over a small distance) - aimbotting - shooting while taunting (WTF?!) and still too hard for low lvls i think. What about different types of bots ? Easy - Medium - and Hard ? OF course the players would also earn different amounts of Exp...
Will you also patch the bots ?


Yes guys i know this is still not a complete game. Its still a beta and thats why i wrote this discussion.
I already enjoy this game very much, but these two points (esspecially the first one) destroys the fun about the game.

But this is all from me now, i hope someone, who really knows the answers or infos about the points will answer me :)

See You In Game, Ladys!

Ah yeah, i forgot to tell you that my english is not the best ^^ i hope u still understand what i mean ;)
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rob  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 20. @ du. 9:45 
The best way to earn Spacebux is to play at least one match a day, since you get more from the first spin of the day.

You can adjust bot difficulty in settings.

It sounds like you found some bot bugs. Please report them with F7. Thanks!
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