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Lunorr.scrublife 15. kvě. 2013 v 11.45 dop.
Just to clear things up!
Alright, here we go then. First of all Loadout will be a Free to play game; there are four stages of Loadout's development and release and this is them:

Closed Beta - Need a key to play
Early Access - For the people who didn't get a key and for £14.99
Open Beta - Everyone can get the game, it still isn't finished though
Release - When the developers are happy to officially open up the game.

Secondly, Loadout is still being updated so please don't treat it as a completely finished game. Any bugs you find can easily be reported either here on Steam or Loadout's website itself.

Finnally, Loadout is made to be a crazy and gory third person shooter with lots of input from the community. All you need to do is give feedback, have fun and make an endless armoury of weapons to destroy your foes with. So why aren't you playing right now and customising your array of guns? Go on... Get to it then.

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