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DzRealKiller Feb 10, 2014 @ 5:22am
Loadout crash or freeze possible fix for most...
Ok for a lot of you crashing and freezing I am in the middle of rendering a help video. I was like you unable to play because of crashes and freezing and sometimes it would crash my whole pc... but I have managed to fix mine now and have played for hours without any issues at all...

All of the steps I took are in this video and links will be in the description of the video to useful programs you can use to help you.

The video is currently rendering but in an hour or 2 it will be uploaded to youtube.

The link will be posted on the forums here:

Feel free to share and post the video link on the forums to help other people to get there game working also.

As it states on the other forums this fix will help a lot of people but it might not help you all so please dont rage at me if it did not help you but im guessing its going to help most of you.

Keep your eyes open on the forum (Linked above) for the video link.

Really hope my video help you all to be able to play Loadout without the crashes
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DzRealKiller Feb 10, 2014 @ 12:31pm 
I thought I would post the link here to so its easier for some of you.

Ok the video has uploaded but Youtube is still messing with it at the moment to the quality may be down a little... Please note like i said before this is what worked for me it may not work for everybody and the fix is really simple but this may not work for all.

Also please be aware In the Video gameplay part I do tend to swear so if you are young or just dont want to hear any swearing please think before viewing the video.

Heres the link:

Hope this helps.
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