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[TuRK] Yeşil 2012年11月11日上午4:13
FM 13 Online Problem
Hi me and my friend bought the game yesterday but we cant play online... We actually see eachother on Join game but after we click join server and put in pasword it loads but after that we just have blank screens... I mean we see the FM menu at top we cant click anywhere... I tried hosting he tried hosting we always have the same problem... Any fix for this?
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[AK]iverson333 2012年11月12日上午10:25 
I have the same problem with my mate. Still haven't found the solution
Sir Jorge Di Patsa 2012年11月13日上午6:24 
blazingfield 2012年11月13日上午6:32 
having eactly the same problem here as well dunno whats wrong so angry!
rmstaaland 2012年11月13日上午8:27 
Me 2!! I'm playing on mac and he plays on a pc. Frustrating!
Sobol 2012年11月14日上午7:35 
Steam -> Settings -> Downloading and Clouds -> Region

You must have the same Region to play with friends.
gotchio 2012年11月14日上午8:29 
Same problem! Very frustrating!

We both in same region also!
Hardlad 2013年1月18日下午2:32 
did any of you find a solution of this problem? I am having problems
[TuRK] Yeşil 2013年2月4日下午3:06 
well after a week or 2 it just fixed itself
Cristof 2013年2月18日下午11:06 
Anyone got a solution for this or all just fixed magically?
[TuRK] Yeşil 2013年2月25日上午4:54 
Just fixed magically :)
Hardbody T 2013年3月23日上午11:07 
I cant play any kind of online game unless its in 'versus mode', it's not aloowing me to do an actual 'online game', HELP!!!
Hardbody T 2013年3月23日上午11:21 
Also, how do you guys actually make your own online, walk me through, coz its not working for me.
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