Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013

faithful2thecall Aug 24, 2013 @ 12:31pm
Pentagon Challenge
I got this off of another forum.

So, what is the Pentagon Challenge? Well you load up a new game with your reputation set as Sunday League and you start Unemployed. Your task is then to go on throughout that career and win all 5 of the continental Champions Leagues. Easy right? Well why not give it a go. Of course FMRTE isn't allowed in this game. There are also a few additional challenges you can set yourself while doing this to make it even more challenging:

Sustainable Management - You keep things within budget. No big spending, try and not take your team over its wage budget. You can try and make a profit each year on transfers, very Harry Redknapp-esque.
Nationalistic Management - No foreigners. Try and do it by only signing players that are from the country your team are from.
APLA - The Anti-Premier League Alliance. You do not load England in your game, at all. Only real men don't load England.

How many of you have tried this challenge and how far did you get? If you feel inspired to take on this challenge, feel free to post your updates in here.
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faithful2thecall Aug 24, 2013 @ 12:41pm 
As for me? I've started this challenge but not made it very far (granted I've got another file and I play other games too).

I started with Chungju Hummell in the South Korean N-League, took a team that finished 14th the season before to a 3rd place finish, then got bounced in the semifinals of the league play-offs. The management had agreed to do a much needed training facilities upgrade during the season, but then cancelled the project part way through--after which I refused to sign a new contract (I was being disrespected in the wage they were offering me too) and was promptly fired.

I within weeks got an unwise job with MP Black Aces in the South African National 1st Division. They were running a $2,000 per week defecit on their wage bill in a bad financial situation. I took over 10 matches into the season and had them threatening for a play-off spot before I lost the team late in the season and ended up finishing 9th. However, I did manage to balance the wage bill over the balance of the season. Considering their financial situation and my having lost the team, I resigned at the end of the season.

Soon thereafter I got a job back in South Korea, this time with Daejeon in the K-League, taking over 21 matches into the season. We're currently 34 of 44 matches into the 2013 season, where I'm sitting 12th--6 points behind 11th and 2 points ahead of 13th (with a match in hand on the later). We also advanced to the semifinals of the FA Cup. My defense is a mess, but otherwise I'm not in bad shape.
moistly harmless Aug 24, 2013 @ 2:23pm 
You forgot to mention the obvious condition that the game must be played 'Ironman' style.
faithful2thecall Sep 13, 2013 @ 8:50am 
I went on to finish the season in 12th, but I'm looking at a massive roster overhaul before next season. 3 of my midfielders were called up for military service, both my starting forwards are gone (one was a loan from before I took control and the other overpriced his services especially since he's 34) and my defense still stinks. The board has given me a raise and extended my contract an additional year beyond the upcoming season. They also want me to play possession football, which fits my normal 4-5-1 tactic well--I just need to get the personnel to run it effectively. The downside to my normal tactic is that it isn't conducive to putting many balls in the net, which in turn doesn't put many seats in the seats.

There will be a fun storyline for a couple of matches next season however, as Chungju Hummell promoted via a play-off to the K-League. So I'll be coaching against the team that gave me my first chance.
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