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<Symphony> 100% Achievement Guide
door Murphy's Lawyer
This guide will provide some basic direction and some clarification for all of the achievements in this game. The goal is to provide you with understanding and confidence that you will know how to go about obtaining each achievement once you start the ga...
Ship customization, achievements help by EgoRik
door EgoRik
Just want to show you my personal ship customizations that I use to play on fortissimo difficulty in Symphony. Also I'll tell you how to open some secret achievements. Hope someone will find this helpful....
Very easy Col Pugno, Sempre, Virtuoso and Maestro achievements
door amdlo112
Unlock all four achievements really easily with a special songs compilation that I created and tested....
Good songs to play
door AdilB101
Some songs to play while you look for songs to play...
How to win at Symphony
door Uncle Funkle
This is an incredibly basic and easily understandable guide on how to win at Symphony...