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skzk 2012年9月5日上午10:31
Top 9001 songs - Aug 27
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Maymay~ 2012年9月5日下午5:52 
Call Me Maybe in 25th?
Morrik 2012年9月8日上午12:58 
I'm going to get some of those songs, just so my name is at least on the leaderboard list.
skzk 2012年10月21日上午4:04 
I wonder if this gets updated one day.
thewookie 2012年12月3日上午9:36 
Aqua - Roses are Red is on the list two times. A lot of the better Aqua songs are their to which is surprising. No Toy-Box or Superbus tho a little sad.
skzk 2012年12月3日上午9:38 
This list came out when the game was still young, the list would be a lot more representative today if he released another one.
Empty Clip Studios 2012年12月4日上午7:39 
It takes a bit of work to reconcile all the databases into one list. Last I checked the order hadn't changed THAT much but I agree it's probably overdue for a refresh. I will put that on my to do list for the week!

Empty Clip Studios
skzk 2012年12月4日上午9:47 
Thanks for doing it. :)
Empty Clip Studios 2012年12月5日上午8:43 
It is DONE! Unfortunately, it looks like not much changed (at least in the top 50 I looked at) other than numbers being higher. I'm guessing there are more changes in the bottom 8951. :)

skzk 2012年12月5日上午11:05 
Kalima on #23, hehe. :D
Empty Clip Studios 2012年12月6日上午10:40 
Yeah I always found that funny :)
正在显示第 1 - 10 条,共 10 条留言
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