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Epikas Jones 2012年12月28日上午5:38
Suggested Improvements
UI / menus big time
- Add a very visible "countdown" when you pick up a star in-game We all use our ships to ram into enemy's with it active, who dosent? No countdown results in deaths.
- Add some form of song progress bar, would be handy
- (Optional) but be cool to see how many enemy's destroy'ed counter
- Likewise would be even better to also see how many enemy's remain
- Weapon menus/edit-ship need filters and categorizing badly.
- A filter just for FUIRA weapons would be nice.

- Make the upgrade pickup give you a level 6 weapon if yours is already maxed. (if it dosent already)
- Big inspiration should full heal ship.
- in my mind FUIRA weapons should be unlocked by getting a certain number of stars from songs OR by completing certain number of songs I know randomness in games does prolong its life but can also be a bad thing. I'm not sure if Fuira weapons can be obtained more than once for each weapon but looking at forteissmo it couldent hurt to have multiple fuira of same type
- Add a way to keep fighting bosses they don't have to be same ones since story is over.
- Not sure how rare this sonic weapon is supose to be ive done over 130 songs and still have never seen it. (must be godly?) a percent or two higher drop chance couldent hurt.

Bug fixs
- SHIP SKIPPING- games unplayable with input correction off and Vsnyc off, turning them both on makes it playable but still causes lots of deaths, I do not know the cause of this bug and that's all i know about it, its not my comp. and others have seen this. The music also stutters with this happens.

最后由 Epikas Jones 编辑于; 2013年1月2日上午10:20
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Doriphor 2012年12月29日上午6:09 
I agree with this post.

Additionally :

- Support songs of any length but disable leaderboards for songs under 1:30 and over 10:00
- Allow sorting by music genre
- Fix the display bug in the ship edit mode (inspiration and kudo counters are shifted for one side of the ship, at least in 1080p)
- Balance the weapons, as in, in the highest difficulty mode, most weapons feel utterly useless against even the simplest enemies.
- Additionally, who ever needs more than 4 of the same weapon? Just allow a weapon to be set to any level up to the latest upgrade purchased, it would make things way easier.
- Allow fine tuning in ship config (free rotation instead of snapping to certain angles? allow "dual config" (at the press on a mouse button, switch between two angle configurations?). This would solve the whole "enemies on the bottom that you can't reach unless you sacrifice front firepower" thing)
- Allow end-game players to play on even harder difficulty / use higher tier weapons (off leaderboard) for example, Fortissimo + 3, with level 8 weapons,it would give inspiration and kudos more use, because they get fairly useless after a while)
- Apply an inspiration multiplier depending on difficulty. It gets really hard to obtain inspiration, while the kudos keep piling up (I always end up having like 100k inspiration, with a million or more kudos that i can't spend)
- Add some more vertical-scrolling shooter mechanics (items scroll down instead of staying in place?)
- Bosses feel like a forced addition. They kill you a lot, A LOT, and at the same time, it's almost impossible to fail a boss mission, even on Fortissimo. Actually, it feels like the game uses the whole "you have infinite lives so bear with the difficulty and the unbalanced, random, song-generated aspects of the game" thing a bit too much. Some levels are insanely easy to beat on Fortissimo, while some seem impossible.

Well, those are just suggestions :3

Edit : Oh and, I almost forgot, the visual style of the game being simple, you'd think visibility would be pretty good, but it's really tedious to see everything that's going on on screen, especially bullets, and whatever the square enemies are shooting. Those are REALLY hard to notice (especially when corruption is high and/or when the color is red)
最后由 Doriphor 编辑于; 2012年12月29日上午6:16
Support songs of any length; longer than 10:00 and shorter than 1:30
Diadara 2012年12月30日下午7:34 
While I disagree with some points and agree with others my input is... A "search" bar for your songs.
how mainy raindrops? 2012年12月31日下午12:08 
- Scrobble songs to
Trigger Happy :) 2012年12月31日下午1:39 
Seriously, a search function. I have over 28k songs so a search would be magical
Albel 2013年1月2日上午7:30 
引用自 no genius
- Scrobble songs to
seconded^^ scrobbling would be godly :)
Trix 2013年1月4日上午11:29 
i just wish for a search bar.
kenny 2013年1月4日下午1:53 
引用自 no genius
- Scrobble songs to

What this person said.
White 2013年1月4日下午4:43 
Search bar--search by title, album, or the item that the song unlocked.
I'd really appreciate a timer/gauge for how much invincibility I have remaining.

Also, am I the only person who can't really see the enemy shots on red aggression?
Kellzap 2013年1月5日下午12:14 
i hope the developer makes at least some of these changes, especially a search bar and no minimum or maximum song lengths.
Flame-X 2013年1月5日下午7:02 
Give us an option to select songs through directory. Look at Audiosurf, that made song browsing so much easier.

Also, have the song's ID tags show up that are located in folder names with underscores.
Ability to manually enter paths as my music is on S: which doesn't even show up in the GUI
Druss 2013年1月7日下午1:40 
The only problem I can see from first impressions is that this game looks optimized for a tablet or console. While the game is functional, there really is no need for the fonts and the UI to take up so much space. Especially on the song selection screen, seriously? Three songs is all you can put on the screen at any one time? Winamp can display dozens of metrics of hundreds of songs at once in the library, what's your excuse?
Ambivalent 2013年1月14日下午4:37 
-Bosses should scale with difficulty level.(If it already scales then i'll say scale better) Bosses seems to hit same, seems to have same HP in easiest and harder difficulties, only smaller mobs change.
-Bosses should be able to move to other songs. It is not really fun to get stucked in same song for 10 tries.(Maybe it is better to make this as option)
-New unlockables for replaying a song. You may put a choice to remove the previous unlock to balance things. For now there is no real reason to play a song again(Bugged leadorboards and already unlocked something)
-Search bar
-Longer/shorter song support.
-Maybe putting a circle around bullets/rockets etc will work to get rid of the "Hey i can't see a thing?!" feeling(Just like Beat Hazard did long time ago)
Profession Ale 2013年2月24日下午2:23 
I would just like a "random track" option
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