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Drakonas Oct 28, 2013 @ 8:26pm
Major bug: Tutorial integration causes the game to be unplayable
I had already been playing Symphony for a while. I still have my save file. I started it up today, clicked "Continue" as usual, and I found it going through a tutorial. It told me I could sort my music, so I clicked "Sort by album" and selected an album to continue. What happened next made the game unplayable. The tutorial stated that I had found a hidden weapon in my song, and told me to unlock it. I just wanted to play, so I tried to find that song in the list. Problem is... it still had that specific album loaded.... the song it was notifying me about was elsewhere.

All buttons are disabled, so I can't navigate to that specific song. Upon closing and reopening the game, I'm right back at the same screen.

First off, this should not have been implemented this way. I should not have to unlock a weapon in a tutorial and use the ingame currency when I already have done so previously. Maybe you should check to see that I have unlocked a weapon already before showing that part of the tutorial? Second, now my game is unusable because the devs overlooked people having previous save files.

I know I'm in the beta, so I should expect hiccups, but it's ridiculous that a beta release would occur that would keep me from even starting a song. I'm surprised nobody else has reported this.
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Empty Clip Studios Nov 1, 2013 @ 1:13pm 
Hi Drakonas,
This is definitely a bug! Thanks for pointing it out. Can you send your saved file to our support e-mail?

Did this happen the first time you played after getting the latest beta? The tutorial should not come up again and I'm wondering if it's a problem with the transition to the latest saved game data.

Thank you!

Empty Clip Studios
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