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"Matt" or "FB" user folder appearing during install!
Hello all,

I just wanted to post an apology and explanation regarding the mysterious appearance of a "Matt" or "FB" user folder during install. To accommodate installing the soundtrack, we created a custom installer that is in turn run by the Steam installer. Unfortunately, due to the way the installer software handles path names, the wrong user folder is used (it is using the name of the user the installer was created from, instead of the name of the user running the installer).

Implementing the fix is not as trivial as it sounds. For this reason, and given that there are no "actual" ill-effects (other than a potential scare), we prioritized long-requested features for our latest update. I realize now that it was a mistake to underestimate the scare caused by these temporary folders; it would probably freak me out as well!

I want to personally apologize for the scares this may have caused. We've got limited bandwidth to work on updates and I made the wrong call putting this below new features. At the very least, I should have put a sticky topic up earlier!

We worked hard to make Symphony a game people enjoyed, and want to continue improving it so it is enjoyable to its fullest potential. For now, we'll make the installer fix the very next thing we implement.

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BloodShed Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:29am 
Thanks, Francois. This post will help a lot, I think. I hope it gets corrected soon.

Please understand though, it's not just that the sudden appearance of unexplained user account folders are scary.

It's not obvious where the folders even come from. For me, I discovered the account folder long after installing Symphony. It took time for me to track down. I expect that many people will never figure it out.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if many people spent a good deal of money to have a technician look at the problem or simply wiped their entire computer! Now imagine they finally think they're clean and they notice it again months after installing all their software.

Obviously, I did not find any actual user accounts. But it also isn't obvious that it never existed either. I assumed that someone exploited a security hole, created a remote account, and did a poor job of cleaning up. I spent hours pouring over my security audit logs trying to find potential logins from an account that might have existed.

Eventually, I discovered that it was the Symphony installer. After I realized that one of the developers is Matt Shores, it seemed obvious that it was just a software bug. For me, I wasted a lot of time tracking the issue down. For others, they may have lost money or data.

So, thanks for prioritizing this.

Edit: Also, thanks for posting it in the support FAQ on the Symphony website.
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Ch4051mp3r14L Jan 21, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
Heh, now that I know what it is, I'm not to worried about it anymore. Thanks for the info. That's good enough for me.
BTW it should be fixed in the latest installers!


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