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Sperma den Mund auf Oct 29, 2012 @ 8:57am
3rd time lucky or still unlucky
This is more pointed at the devs if they spend time here. Guys this is serious fu up i mean you had a good concept with AW and reloaded. I liked the games but i feel like you abandoned the projects quick, well when i bought AW:R it was nearly dead bla bla ESl support -.- yea , the first AW i bought it few days after release it was a lot of fun. AW the 3rd hmm it doesn't feel like Arena Wars, what you delivered there is ........ sry you changed to much. THe new online
match making is no no, the old system was good with a lobby you could see the people
now its so useless like a hole in the head. Why didn't you try to find a solution for the lobby system wich is not bound to the publisher and could be easily transfered or what ever
because last time after a while the server went offline so no online match (ok well yea hamachii and other stuff you can use). it is like you gave birth to a stillborn child
nice try but hmm .. PLEAS work that Arena Wars Reloaded gets revived and bury AW2.
I know that most deciscions are made where the money is and i understand that but thats what i wanted to tell you so far.

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RestttazZ. Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:20am 
men this game its really good , but i didnt't find anybody in multiplayer , you play?
JackMayol Nov 3, 2012 @ 7:39am 
Manji is absolutely right. A rebirth of AW:R would have been a way better choice than AW2... I'm sorry to say that but that's the truth :(
AW:R was much better in so many ways... Now it just feels like a casual game. If at least the game would support a lobby so that people could communicate and say things like "anyone up for a game?". It's maybe not to late to at least implement the lobby, not sure though...
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